Ricky Hoffman


Richard “Ricky” Hoffman was a eleven year old boy from Scituate, MA when he passed away from a Stage 4 GBM brain tumor. He was such a special kid, and all that knew him considered him wise beyond his years. He was the bravest of the brave.  He endured two and a half years of treatments before leaving us on November 6th, 2009. He left behind Pat Hoffman, his mother, Bill Hoffman, his dad, Deirdre Hoffman, his step-mom and Michael Shaponick, his brother and lots of friends and relatives.

Ricky had lots of support during his short life. He loved the Scituate school community, and they loved him. He was a knight of the Magical Moon Foundation (www.magicalmoon.org). He received excellent medical treatment from Children’s Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer hospital both located in Brookline, MA.



Ricky Hoffman Award


The Ricky Hoffman award, which began in 2012, is a vehicle chosen by the Hoffman family.  This vehicle represents the one vehicle that Ricky would have loved the most.  In 2012 the vehicle that stood out to the family the most was Van Johnson’s custom Peterbuilt.

The trophy (an endearing image of a son sitting on his father’s shoulders, with the initials RH) was designed and fabricated by Charles Deering of Foxy Auto and Truck Repair in North Reading, MA.